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Finding your Way 


A time of hope and new possibilities


Lockdown...a unexpected moment in or lives when for many of us time stopped and possibilities started. Our senses emptied of the clutter traffic and business expanded. Fear and anxiety rushed in but we also saw reflections and glimmers of light in dark places, heard birdsong more clearly and saw nature appear to us as more beautiful than ever before. 

Now footsteps ring in the streets again and the empty roads fill as the world calls us out once more. For some this is joy for others a time of anxiety. 

For each of us however we felt in this period transformation it is a time to put our thoughts into action to move into being more of who we really are or wish to be to d iscover ourselves afresh and come into a new relationship with ourselves and others.

Lockdown whether hard or easy or simply confusing has brought us to a new place a new time  a new beginning. If you have faced your fears perhaps you feel  stronger and ready to break free of old patterns. Perhaps you  feel overwhelmed, or long for more of the peace we have experienced. 

if you have continued to work or homeschool your children the longing to rest may be overwhelming too  but the thread through all of these feelings even in the dark days is that for

many of us in isolation or walking the quiet streets to work

the bird song has been louder the flowers more colourful

the earth more present. We have become more in touch with our own nature and with nature around us. 

We are keenly aware that we are not separate from the world and that our plans can be changed in an instant by nature and that we are part of it in a ll our vulnerability.

Most importantly we have realised that nature and loving human connection are the most important  things of all and that our environment can be a resource for healing and renewal of our mental and physical health.

My passion is to help people find their own path through my therapy out in the wild where we walk and talk in nature or simply by sitting together and talking of what really matters to you. We can do this socially distanced or if you still feel unable to leave the safety of your home then we can easily connect on zoom or Whatsapp.

Call me on 07968 673069 or message me for a free chat Let’s help to make the world a happier place beginning with you.



Our First Blog Entry

15 January 2020

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